Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Time flying by with ups and downs

Hello everyone! 

Time seems like it is flying by. We already have two weeks in this change and it doesn't feel like it. Elder Estrada and I have been working hard. I`m so thankful for my comp, I've been learning a ton from him and we've been hitting it hard. 
This week we've found 6 new investigators which is a huge step in the right direction. We've just been talking to everyone in the street, and from that we've found some really good investigators. There are some that are kind of interesting, and there is one couple that we found that are really interested. Their names are Andrea and Renato and they know a ton about the bible. They've been Christianos, and right now they are studying with Jehovah Witnesses but they`re super nice. Many times if someone is kind of entrenched in their beliefs they just try to contend but they are super nice and actually listen. They fed us dinner in the second lesson as well haha. We`re really excited to work with them. 
The Zone
With the family that we've been teaching, the family Mejia Solar we had a really cool Family Home Evening with them. We watched the restoration movie and they really liked it. We also tried to put baptismal dates but they said that they don`t feel ready to put a date yet. It was pretty frustrating because many of them have already received answers about whether the church is true. It was alright though, and we`re going to continue working with them this week. On Wednesday we also have interchanges with Elder Estes and Elder Maxfield which was fun. Its always a really interesting experience to work with someone other than your companion for a day, and its also cool to teach with someone else.
  • That's a lot of pork!
So on Sunday we didn't have any investigators in church. It was a little frustrating, especially because the Hermanas had 7 investigators that went to church. The Gospel Principles class was full of their Investiagators and less actives. We`re hoping that this next Sunday we see more fruits from all the new investigators that we have.

Also it`s kind of strange, but in almost exactly one year from now I`ll be finishing my mission. Its really weird to think that, it doesn't feel like I have that much time!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

Monday, May 18, 2015

New Comp

Hello everyone! Time keeps flying by, We´re already in another transfer and this is the last transfer of President Christensen. It is crazy, but for me it still doesn´t feel like he´s going yet.

I also have a new companion, his name is Elder Estrada and he´s a awesome missionary. He's from Guatemala City Guatemala and is my second comp from Guatemala. We actually arrived here in the mission together in the same group, the only difference is that he was in the Mexico City MTC for only two weeks. But he´s a great Elder and I've been learning a ton from him.

New Companions
This week was good. Pretty full with meetings and stuff. Tuesday we had the changes meeting which was fun. It was very strange to see a bunch of people that I know well go home. The first of my companions went home, Elder Pluma. Also Elder Burgess and a few other Elders I know really well have gone. It´s super strange to think that they are at home right now. In these changes that are coming I have even more companions that are going home. Wednesday was pretty empty. We had a ton of appointments fall through and didn´t find many people at home.

Thursday we had a special zone conference with President Christensen. It was really good, we talked about how we can teach with more power and the spirit. He gave everyone these Gospel Picture books to help us in our lessons to keep the people engaged. We´ve been using them in our lessons, and even contacts with people in the street. They help a ton! When people have something to visualize they get so much more engaged! After the zone conference my companion and I gave a Zone meeting as well. We have a great zone that is improving a lot! Everyone is really excited to work and we´re excited to work with them!

Thursday was pretty good, we had a few lessons and one with the family that we are teaching. They are doing well, the three kids are really excited to learn, and are attending church with us. On Friday we had a "fireside chat" with President where we can bring our investigators and less actives and Jesus and Veronica (two of the children from that family) came. It was a really good night.

Saturday was good. pretty normal. It rained pretty hard and we got wet. It has been starting to rain and people have been saying that the rainy season is starting. We´ll see if it keeps it up. Sunday we had the church services and they were really good. The children from the family showed up. Its really nice to have people in church with us.

Yup, we had a good week. Great new companion and we have been seeing a little progress in our area. Everybody have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

Monday, May 11, 2015

Last Week of the Transfer

Hello everyone. I hope that you all had a good week. As always we`re doing well. 

This week was pretty normal. The only things out of the ordinary were that we had exchanges with the Assistants and that we had the opportunity to call home yesterday on Sunday. So no Tuesday we had exchanges with the assistants, I went to their area in a ward that`s called Alpha and we worked there on Tuesday. It was a really good exchange, I was with Elder Suarez who is a great missionary! Really upbeat and talkative. We also ate lunch with the Secretaries, and right now there are 6 secretaries because they are training the new ones for the changes. So one family fed 8 missionaries at one time. It was a lot of food. The offices are kind of full right now haha.

 On Wednesday we had our district meetings, and a few appointments. We finally met with a less active member who works a lot and we find out that he stopped going to church for a little argument with his family who are also his neighbors about where he should park his car. It kind of blows my mind that people stop going to church for tiny little things. There is probably more to it, but at the end of the day he isn't active in the church is missing out on many blessings. 

Wednesday the assistants also called us to let us know that Elder Carrillo is going to train a new missionary this change! He`s really excited and ready to receive a brand new missionary from the MTC. That also means that I will be getting a new companion and will be in Aquiles Serdan for another change. I`m excited to be able to work here for another change to work to improve the area even more.

Thursday was a good day, we had a few lessons. Friday Elder Carrillo had a meeting with all the trainers and the assistants asked me and Elder Castillo to give a meeting for all of their companions. It went well, we talked about how we can use Preach my Gospel to help our investigators progress. Friday we had a lesson with the family we are teaching and it went well. They didn't accept a baptismal date yet but we`re working with them! Saturday was really normal, not a lot happened. A few lessons with less actives and members. We also found out the changes and there are only 4 people that have transfers in all of the zone.

Sunday was great. The Hermanas had a baptism of one of their investigators and I guess somehow the investigator knew Pres. Christensen and asked him to baptize her. So Pres. Christensen attended our church and after the services he baptized Hna. Vicky. It was a really good experience and two of our investigators were there to see the baptism. They liked it a lot. Also I spoke to my family on Sunday and it was great! Love those guys!

From Hermana Christensen (Popcorn and grapes from Costco with some brownies)
Well, everyone have a good week. Bye!

-Elder Hartvigsen

What a tan line. . .

Monday, May 4, 2015

Ups and Downs

Buenas tardes a todos, this week was on average alright. We had some really good moments and some lows as well. That's how it is with missionary work I guess. 

So on Tuesday we had a great day! In total we had 8 lessons and 4 lessons with investigators with members present. Two others with less active members and two more lessons with member families. It was one of the best days I've had in this area. That day we also put two baptismal dates with two investigators, Ivonne and Elouisa. Elouisa is the husband of a less active member named Romaio. It was a really great lesson and the spirit was strong. Its so great to be able to see people with that desire to change, repent and be baptized. 

Sunset over Puebla (El Popo Volcano in the distance)
So after Tuesday we had some slower days. Wednesday, we had the District Meetings which went well, I`m very grateful for our District Leaders. They work well with their districts and help them out a lot. Wednesday we only have 3 lessons, a few with members and only one with investigators. Thursday we had Weekly Planning, and only could find members in thier houses. Friday was good, we had the Meeting with President and all of the Zone Leaders. It was good. As in every meeting with president I learn a ton about how I can improve as a missionary and a leader. We also talked about a fair amount of doctine. It was kind of funny, he told everyone that we had half an hour for questions about whatever and people started asking about marriage. There were a few missionaries there close to ending their mission haha.

Saturday was pretty good. We had a good amount of lessons but none with investigators. One of our less actives is looking pretty bad this week as well. He`s been in and out of the Hospital and we had to carry him into his house one day as he came back from the hospital. Sunday was good but we didn't have any investigators attend church. That was kind of bummer after putting a few baptismal dates and being really excited for some of our investigators. However, a few didn't attend because one of our investigators, Veronica, went to the hospital with beginnings of appendicitis.

P-day meal
Yup, we didn't have the best week this time, but not the worst either. We`re excited to improve in this week and work harder. Its also hard to believe that it`s already May. Crazy how fast time goes. Next year in this month I`ll be going home! Kind of a scary thought. Well, everyone have a good week. This week we will be finding out about changes, and its very likely that me or my companion will have changes. I think that he is going to train but we`ll see. 

-Elder Hartvigsen