Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference!

Hello everyone! We had a petty good week. It was a busy week. We had transfers, a meeting all day with the president, and of course General Conference! It was a good week, even if we didn't have a ton of time to proselyte.

So on Tuesday we had the changes meeting. It was a really good changes meeting. They are started to have music numbers as part of the meeting and some elders and hermanas sang a song accompanied by a guitar that was really good. Then we found out the changes which was fun. Its fun to see the changes when you already know where you are going to go. You aren't nervous so it makes it more fun haha. It was also very strange to see some people that I know well go home. Really weird. So far all the companions that I have had in the mission are still here, but the first one to go home goes home this change that is coming. It will be pretty strange. We also received a few new people into the zone. Everyone here is really young in their mission except for my companion. He is the oldest with 16 months. The next closest person has about 12.

On Wednesday we had district meetings and interchanges with Elder Estes and Elder Giraldo. It was fun, I went with Elder Estes to his area in Manatiales. They walk a ton in that area! Its kind of crazy. Its a bunch of enclosed neighborhoods with fields inbetween. It was a good day, a lot of walking haha. Thrusday was a pretty normal day. We worked here in Aquiles. On Friday we had the all day meeting with President which is always awesome. We talked about how we can improve as leaders to improve our own area and in turn our zones. It was great, I learned a ton and received a lot of promptings about how I can improve as a mission and as a leader. Its kind of strange that in a few months we will have a new president. I`m 100% sure that President Nelson will be great, but it will still be sad to see President Christensen go because his it another level.

On Saturday and Sunday we watched conference! It was awesome! There were amazing talks given! Much revelation received by many! If you missed out you should feel bad, repent, then go watch the talks on Some of my favorites were by Elder Holland, a 70 about not only dancing but hearing the music, and by Pres. Uchtdorf about the grace of Jesus Christ. Go check them out!
With companion at Cholula
So today we did a lot of things as well. The American elders are preparing a choir for the president to sing a missionary medley in the last changes meeting before he goes home. So we went to that and I practices and my comp played soccer. Also because of that, the president gave us all of P-Day, because we took a lot of time to do that. After we went to Cholula with Elder Estes and his new comp Elder Maxfield (they had emergency changes today) and a member who knows a ton about archaeology and the Book of Mormon. He gave us a tour of Cholula and explained that it is very possible that the Jaredites built the pyramids here because there is stories about the tower of babel and brothers who emigrated here in boats in the petroglyphs and historical record. It was pretty cool. There is also a mural that depicts the natives history, and it talks about a white bearded god that came here at around 30 AD and gave the people laws. Hmmm. Who could that be?

Cholula Pyramid
Anyways, we had a very spiritually nourishing week. I am so glad that I have a savior that makes it possible for me to keep improving and trying over and over again even though I sin every day. Thanks to his grace I have the chance to improve, and so does everyone if they accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone have a good week, and remember the sacrifice that Jesus made, especially to give you second chances!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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