Monday, August 31, 2015

Pueblitos (Small towns)

Hey everyone, I hope that everyone is enjoying their back to school experiences and is getting into the groove of things. 

Learning at Zone Conference

We had a successful week this week. It was also pretty busy. On Tuesday we started with a zone conference which was the first one that President Nelson gave as a misión president. It was good. There was a lot of different topics and at one point we divided into groups to practice some things which made the conference a lot more interesting and edifying. On Wednesday we had interchanges with Elder Philippe and Elder Rodríguez, I was with Elder Philippe in Tezoquipan and we had a good day. Their área is pretty small, or rather the main town in their área is pretty small. It was a good day and I learned a bunch.

On Thursday we saw the weekly planning of the other two elders (which is always a blast) and in the afternoon did splits and visited a lot of people. I was with one of the Young men of the Ward, Sergio and we taught a really powerful lesson to an investigator that´s named Noemi. She understood the Restauration really well, the only thing is that she works in our área but technically lives outside of it. She still pertains to the Ward though. On Friday we only had a few lessons due to our weekly planning session and the correlation meeting but we went to a town in our área where we´d never been that's called Por Venir. Its a really cool town but its on a hill so its a hike to go anywhere there. We had a lesson with a less active return missionary that was really powerful, but then he didn't show up to church after promising to go :(. Saturday it was totally dead around here, there wasn't anybody in the Street. We did have a good amount of lessons though, a cool one with some investigators that are named Refugio and Dominga. We finished the plan of salvation and they really liked it. Dominga also asked for a blessing which I had the privilege to give. The spirit there was really strong, even though there was a party with music blaring next door haha.

Sunday was full of meetings, with our sacrament meeting at 12, and after lunch, and after that a meeting in the stake again that the stake president invited us to. We did have one lesson in the evening with Arely. It was also really powerful, but the thing is that she lived with her boyfriend and they´re really young. We´ve also been working more in the towns that are farther away in our área. We´re actually about to head to one that's a little out of the way. Its cool to be outside the city! Everyone have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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