Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Almost Christmas

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas! Well, in a few days anyway. 

We had a pretty good week, we didn't have a ton of stuff though. We only had a few appointments with Investigators and a fair amount of lessons with members and less active members. We also had intercambios with the other elders, and a ward Christmas party.

Christmas Carols
So on Wednesday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Burgess and I worked in my area and Elder Garrido went with Elder Mendoza to work in their area. We had a really good day. We had a really good lesson with a partial member family, I might have already mentioned them but the Hermana is a member of many years but is inactive and her husband (not actually married though) is our investigator. We taught a lesson to them about the Santa Cena (sacrament) and later he started asking us a bunch of questions about things he´s heard when he´s gone to church. Such as what are the Gold Plates, who's Joseph Smith, things about the Restoration. Its was pretty awesome, and we left a pamphlet for him to read and write down his questions, and we are going to teach the Restoration next time. He was pretty excited to read it and write down his questions.

That day we also went to visit a less active member, and when we went we found that part of her family from Canada is visiting them. It was pretty cool to meet that family, the parents are both from Puebla and thier kids can speak fluent spanish and english. They attend a spanish branch up in Calgary. It was pretty sweet, they fed us tacos arabes, we taugh part of the restauration to the other daughter that isn´t a member. Oh also they gave us a bunch of cookies and milk and gave us a ride home. Pretty sweet. We have another appointment with them tonight as well.

So on Friday we had the Christmas party of the Ward which was good. Us 4 sang a little arrangement of Cantan Santos Angeles and En la Judea en Tierra de Dios. We sang pretty well, or at least as well as 4 Elders who don't have much experience singing can. Elder Burgess has a video of it, I´ll try and get a copy of it. The rest of the party was good. We had a bunch of less actives show up, a few of our investigators which was great. We ate a ton of food as well. It was a good night, but we had to go home before santa came :(.

Yup, that was my week. Well, every have Merry Christmas. Its a great time of year to remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. If you haven´t already seen it, I invite you to watch the short video at christmas.mormon.org. We've been sharing this video a lot with everyone and its a great video. 

Well, Merry Christmas!
-Elder Hartvigsen

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