Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas. We had a good one over here in Resurgimientos. We honestly didn´t have a ton of work that we did this week, but it was a very spiritual one nonetheless. There is something in the air around Christmas, and it´s great!

So the week started pretty normally, we had a lesson with our investigator Javier which was a good one. He´s very receptive, and he likes to talk with us about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We just got to get him coming to church more often! That Tuesday night we went with the other Elders and bought two kilos of Tacos Arabes and ate a ton. It was a fun little Christmas celebration. 

The next day, we ate so much as well. We had a really good district meeting and after we made cookies and had desert that the hermanas brought. After that we went to la comida and ate some pretty good sopa de broccoli, after that we went with that Fam. Andrade, that fed us Chiles en Nogada, cake, and fish. It was very good food as well. 
Christmas Greetings - 2014
That night for Christmas eve we were invited to another house where we had a family home evening and then ate another full meal. All the food was great, but we ate so much it was ridiculous.

 For Christmas we were invited by Javier and Jokabeth to have breakfast which was a chicken dish with bacon. I think that was the first time I´ve eaten bacon in Mexico, it was super good. After that we went to try and find a few investigators to see if they were home and search out a few contacts that we had. We couldn´t find anyone and there was hardly anybody in the street so we made our way to la comida that day. So then we ate again. 
Elder Hartvigsen on Skype Christmas Day
 That afternoon talked with our families with skype! It was great to see my family and be able to talk with them, a little weird as well. It doesn't feel like it, but it had been about 6 months. Kind of strange. They were doing great, and I´m very thankful for the opportunity I had to talk with them. So the day after Christmas that Friday my comp, Elder Garrido got pretty sick so we didnt leave the house all day. It was alright though, I did my wash, cleaned the kitchen and watched The Testaments. Alright day, but its the worst to be stuck in the house! 

The Saturday and Sunday after were pretty normal, we had some lessons with members and less actives and on with one of our investigators who is 9 years old. She´s great, and wants to be baptized pretty bad, but her mother doesn´t want her to. Its pretty rough, but we´ve been trying to work with her mother and teach her as well. Yup, pretty good P-day as well, we played futból, did some wash. 

I also turned 20 today which is kind of strange. Weird to think I´ve been alive for 2 decades. No longer a teenager, more of an adult. Cool stuff. Anyways, this week should be good, we're going to find out who has changes this Saturday, should be exciting. Well, everyone have a good new year, and enjoy the last week or so of your winter break! 

Con amor -Elder Hartvigsen

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