Monday, March 16, 2015

Book of Mormon Stories

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a good week where ever you are. We had a good week here. 

We learned a lot and have seen some progress in some of our investigators and in the area. So on Tuesday, we started the week off by having interchanges with the assistants. I was here in Aquiles Serdan with Elder Hammer who was actually here before I was. That was a good day. We actually found 3 new investigators who are from Oaxaca. The father, Mario is pretty funny. He talks really fast, At times I couldn't understand him very well. We also have had a few more lessons with the Baleon Family this week. They are doing good, we've challenged the father to be baptized and he told us that he was going to pray about it.

Wednesday was a normal day, had some lessons. On Thursday we had a super interesting la comida [meal]. So the member we ate with is an archaeologist. We started asking him some questions because we saw some books that he had about the Maya and other archeologyish stuff. So he started telling us that he has done a bunch of research on the Maya and other Tribes of Mexico and showed us some books that he collaborated on that compare the Book of Mormon to the record that there is of ancient civilizations in the Americas. Then he told us about a stone that was found with Mayan on one side and Reformed Egyptian on the other. Then he told us that he has it and showed it to us! It was pretty rad. Later in the week, we ate with them again and he showed us a short movie he helped make about the location of the Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool too. He and his friend who's an archaeology professor made it. They went to a bunch of different ruins and talked about the characteristics that the land of the BoM would have to have. It was a good conversation, he knows a ton. He also told us that Cholula is a pyramid from the Jaredites.

Friday was pretty good. We had a few lessons and it was rainy day. Its gotten a little cooler here. Its also been raining a bit. Also Friday we had a "Fireside Chat" with President Christensen where we can invite investigators, less actives, or who ever to come talk about a gospel topic. This time it was the Book of Mormon. He also talked about some indigionous writings in the mission that have been found as well, in Cholula and Tlaxcala. He showed us a drawing from Cholula with 8 ships that came from a different land and then compared it with the Jaredites about how they came with 8 ships as well. I also learned that it says that the Jaredites filled a boat wih fish because there were only 7 brothers. He also talked about the God that the Cholula people talk about that came down, and taught them. The history also says that this god taught them to keep records on gold plates. Pretty cool stuff.

The Zone Leader's desk
Honestly I learned a ton about how the Book of Mormon coincides with the history here, but in the end the reason I know the Book of Mormon is true is because I prayed about it and received an answer. The President also talked about that, how its always interesting to look at the intellectual side of things, but in the end we need to receive our own testimony from God, not from men or history.

Friday and Saturday were pretty normal. We did find our that one of the less actives we teach, Tomas had a ton of kids. We asked him how many and he told us that if he told us we wouldn't believe him. He then told us he has 36 children from 3 wives and 85 grandchildren. I said "Wow", then he said "No Wow, I worked hard for that!" It was pretty funny, and he´s super old.

The Mexican Patriarch
Well, once again I hope that you all have a good productive week and stay out of trouble!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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