Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Already March

Wow, I feel like I just said its already February. Time just keeps on going. 

Anyways we had a good week here in Aquiles. We actually had a bunch of lessons, a lot were with members but we also had a good amount with Investigators. We do have to find more investigators though, we are lacking in that secion. We had a pretty normal week though.

Elder Hartvigsen in Puebla
So on Wednesday we went to the district meetings of Elder Estes and Boxberger, we usually split up and go to them both since they are both in the same chapel. After that we had exchanges with Elder Estes and Elder Giraldo from Colombia. I went with Elder Giraldo to our area and we had a really good day. We had a bunch of lessons and found a good new investigator that recently lost her husband.

Throughout the week we visited a lot of people and worked with a lot of members. We`ve been seeing a lot of progress with some less actives and people who have been suspended which has been great to see. Thanks to the new stake president he really got them all progressing. Also on Saturday we had an activity with the ward where we all gathered together in a members home and then split up to find and visit less actives that live here in the unidad. It didn't have as great as a turn out as last week but it was a really spiritual experience for those that did come.

Food adventures
Today we went to the center of Puebla and kind of wandered around. I ate a corn dog that was wrapped in bacon which probably had about 5000 calories haha. Its cool to go to the center and kind of look around. There is a bunch of different types of shops and touristy places as well. They sell a ton of Talevera [Mexican pottery] there too. Its also fun to see all of the white tourists wandering around.

With other Missionaries at recent Cambios (transfers)
Well, sorry for the short email, but it felt like a really kind of ordinary week. I can`t remember anything that sticks out to me right now. Well, everyone have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

Note from his Mom. In response to an observation that the temperature in Puebla is averaging 70 degrees, even through January, February and now March. "I do enjoy the weather; the sun can be pretty unforgiving though." 

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