Monday, October 19, 2015

Caxhuacan - Alma 13:23

Hello everyone. Espero que todos se encuentren bien. I´m tempted to just write in Spanish. I feel like sometimes it would just be easier. Anyways, we had a good crazy week, full of adventure and excitement! No but really, we went to a really far away town on Tuesday. It was quite the experience.

So on Tuesday we got up early and went to go search for a reference that we received through a the missionary web site. So when we got to the bus stop we got into a combi that went to a town called Zapotitlán, to get there we had to cross the mountains through winding roads and cliffs. Two and a half hours later we got there and then took a different combi to a town called Ixtepec. It also went on an even more treacherous road with some really good views. After an hour in that combi we came to the last town that the combi went to. So we got off the combi and it was pretty hot and humid. All of the people had traditional clothing on, all of the women were wearing a white skirt with a red band around their waist with two pig tails. The men all were wearing white pants and white shirts and had Jesus sandals on with white hats. There were a fair amount of younger people that did have some regular clothes on like jeans and t-shirts. So we went to go talk to the people to ask them how to get to Caxhuacan, and we went with one group. Out of the 5 ladies only one spoke Spanish so we asked here how to get there. It was pretty funny, we would ask a question or say something then they would talk among themselves in Totonaco (their native language).

So we figured out that to get there we would have to take a truck that passed by every 30 minutes we we got in the back where there were some benches welded in and rode another 25 minutes into the town. The town itself isn't actually too tiny, and it was really surreal. It was a different climate with different plants because we were on the border of Vera Cruz. It was interesting to talk to all the people. It was a pretty sweet experience. We did not however run into the reference that we were looking for. We got to the house, but the person was working and wasn't going to get home until 4, and we had to leave at 3 to catch the last combi back to Zacatlán, but we left her a Book of Mormon with her son :). So after that, we went home the way we came. We also saw a funeral in Ixtepec as we were waiting for the combi. Everyone was dressed in the traditional clothes. Also we saw a big street market in one of the towns on the way. It is super beautiful in the sierra.

Nearing the end of the rainy season??
Yup. Wednesday we had some lessons, talked to Edwardo what he would have to do to get married. Thursday we had a few other lessons and I taught mission prep in the branch. Friday we had to go to Tlaxcala for a mission conference. The president talked a lot about obedience and changing the culture of the mission. I think we had the conference because some things happened with some Elders in Puebla. Who knows, we´re pretty out of the loop out here. That night we stayed in Puebla with the Secretaries so we didn't have to travel to far for a meeting of the trainers the next day. We were 7 Elders in one house. It was pretty crazy and I understand why there is only one companionship per house generally. However it was really fun to be with the secretaries and with Elder Breceda. Later in the day we came back to Zacatlán and helped the other two Elders out with their baptism. It was a very spiritual experience, except that when the convert came out the water, he said, "I feel like a cat." haha.

Sunday was disappointing. We didn't have any investigators again. We even went to the house of one and woke him up. He told us he would be ready in 10 minutes, but after the 10 we went to check and his cousin told us he had left. It was pretty frustrating. Oh well, we can't take away their agency I guess, even though it would be easier. And I would be Satan in that situation. Have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen 

Alma 13:23 And they are made known unto us in plain terms, that we may understand, that we cannot err; and this because of our being wanderers in a strange land; therefore, we are thus highly favored, for we have these glad tidings declared unto us in all parts of our vineyard.

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