Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Week in Zacatlan

Hello everyone. 

This week was a lot more normal. We didn't have any grand adventures to any town where the vegetation is different. It was an alright week. I left my agenda at home so I´ll see what I can remember haha. 

In the fog
On Tuesday I can´t remember what we did. I think we taught Karen and Edwardo. We taught them the Word of Wisdom because they smoke a bit. Karen is willing to give it up but we´re not sure if Edwardo really has the desire to change. Wednesday we ate Cochinita Pivil which tasted awesome! However the Jalepeños were pretty spicy. Me enchilé. That night we taught a few less active members that are doing alright. There are children of the other less active that we are teaching. 

On Thursday we had weekly planning which was actually really good. We had a change in our mission, we had been using different formats to do weekly planning that the mision had implemented and it was kind of complicated and took forever. However now we just use the basic planning papers that come in Preach my Gospel. It was so much simpler! Also that night we had to change plans because our branch President that morning dumped a branch activity on us that we had to prepare that day. We had to cancel some appointments but the activity was a good one. We used a projector to watch a bullying video and talked about why it is important to love the people around us.

So much candy!
Friday we went to check out another town nearby because we had a reference there. The reference didn't exist but the town was pretty cool. It was really tiny. Saturday we were helping prepare a lot of things for a baptism of one of the 8 year old kids in the branch. The parents threw a big party for his birthday after his baptism. We went to help them fill bags of candy. It was sooo much candy. The baptism went well. Things always start so late here. I know there is the joke about Mormon time in the states, but here it's way worse! It´s Mormon Mexican time. The baptism started 50 minutes late. The family of the boy showed up like 25 minutes late. 

On Saturday the mission also told us to buy extra food just in case with the hurricane Patricia coming. We´re kind of in the mountains however. We were fine, but I didn't mind shopping Saturday instead of Monday :). On Saturday it was just windy. There hasn't really been weather out of the ordinary. Lots of fog and some rain. It has been getting colder however. Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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