Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Translado (Transferred)

Hello to all. This week was a good one. We had some ups, we had some downs and at the end of the week we had two baptisms! It was so awesome! I'll get to that right now. If I don't write my email chronologically I'll get lost. Alright. 

So Monday was cool, we had a few lessons in the evening. Tuesday was also good. We visited many of our investigators, like Xicotencalt and his son who is also named Xicotencalt. His son is really cool. He started coming to mutual a few weeks ago and made friends with the two young men so he's been going to church and Mutual. It's kind of funny, he gives a ride to another young man on his motorcycle and he's 15. I'm not sure if that's legal but whatever. He's solid and he'll probably get baptized even if his dad doesn't.

Wednesday we had the last district meeting of Elder Hammer! It was pretty normal. Afterwards we took pictures with the sombreros we bought. Afterwards we had exchanges so that Elder Hammer could do the baptismal interview so I went with Elder Pantoja. I like the area of the other Elders, it reminds me of the city of Puebla. Our area is more towns-like. We had a good night. Also on Wednesday the assistants called me to tell me I
'm going to train again! I'm really excited to train again! It's a blast even though it can be kind of hard some times. 
Final days in Zacatlan (de las Mananas)
Thursday was a tough day. We had a lot of appointments but they all fell through until 6:30 at night. Also it was super cold that day. Oh yeah, I didn't mention it but this week it got cold. It started on Wednesday I think. I honestly don't know how cold it got but it was cold enough that I bought ear warmers haha. However that night we had a cool lesson with an investigator named Yazmin and her kids. She has two daughters that are 9 and 11 and they're always really into it w hen we teach. They're really excited to be baptized. The only things it that this week they wont be able to attend church because they're going to do their first communion :(. Oh well. They're doing more out of commitment.

On Friday we had a ton of appointments. It was awesome. On Saturday we went to Puebla for the trainers meeting and my companio was super sick. He was just miserable all day and for the 5 hours in total that we were in a bus. It was a good trip to Puebla. Also that night was the baptism. It was great. We were so happy for Pablo and Karina. They were so prepared. It was a really spiritually strong service. 

Also that night they let us know about changes and it turns out that I`m going to leave Zacatlàn. I was pretty sad. I really like Zacatlàn. That also means that I`m going to open area again which is kind of tough but also an adventure. I'll probably be lost for about a week again. It`ll be fun. Sunday was also awesome. I had the opportunity to confirm Karina and my companio confirmed Pablo. That was cool, and the first time I've confirmed someone. Very cool experience. Yup, so today we came to Puebla so that we can stay the night with other Elders. So we'll see where I go tomorrow. Have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen


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