Monday, November 30, 2015

Slumber Parties and Zone Conference

At the gorge in  Zacatlán 
Hello everyone. Tomorrow is December. I realized that a few hours ago. That's crazy. I like the weather here so far. It still isn't that cold. I'm beginning to doubt that it gets cold. Who knows. 

So we had a good week. On Monday we had a good evening, taught Pablo and Karina. Tuesday we also had a good day, we visited a lot of investigators, we've also started teaching a investigator named Clemente who has a taco shop. He´s a really friendly guy.

On Wednesday we had a good day. Found a new investigator, visited some youth of the branch that had stopped going to church and visited Pablo and Karina again. Fun fact. Karina´s last name is Lee, and it is because her great grandfather was Chinese. He came to Mexico in a war or something and got married in San Luis Potosi. She can look for ancestors in China once she starts looking for names. Also that night we stayed the night in the other Elders' house to leave early in the bus to go to the zone conference. It was fun. We ate tacos and there was a mariachi band that was playing in their street until late. It was pretty cool. 
Waiting for dinner
On Thursday we had a zone conference. It´s funny, every time we go to one of those, I´m reminded that there are sister missionaries in the mission, We´re in a bubble of Elders in our Zone. The Conference was really good, I learned a bunch of things, such as in a typical mission, only about 25% of your time is actually used proselyting. A lot of time is used sleeping, studying, in meetings and eating. That night we also had a good family home evening with some members where we played gospel pictionary. On Friday we went to Olintla, the far away town. The trip didn't seem that bad this time. Especially because we got back at about 5 PM and had time to work in Zacatlán. Those investigators in Olintla are solid. This week they told us there are going to come to see the baptism of Pablo and Karina and go to church the next day. They also told us that they are seriously considering the option of moving to Zacatlán in January. We're pumped for them.

The youth of the branch
Saturday was normal. For mutual we made the kids clean the house of prayer with us after talking about service. In the afternoon we had some good lessons. Sunday was cool. President Nelson went to church with the branch, and we had four investigators in Sacrament meeting. Pablo, Karina, Clemente and Xicotencalt Jr. the son of the other investigator. It was really cool to see him there. He made friends with the other two young men in the branch.

So also this week is the last week of the transfer. That means that my companion or I will probably have changes because he's going to end his training. Also Elder Hammer is going home. I'm really going to miss those two. So we'll know what's happening next week. Everyone enjoy your first week of December!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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