Monday, February 29, 2016

Tetela de Ocampo

New custom-made suit
Hello everyone. How are you? It´s kind of strange that it's the 29th of February. If someone is born today, next year when do they count their birthday? Anyways, I´m doing well. Today is technically the first day of another transfer. This is my penultimate transfer. That's crazy. Also yesterday the assistants called and I have changes. Tomorrow I go to and area called Tetela de Ocampo, which is a little town pretty far away and there's only a little branch with a few members. It's the most remote area in the mission haha. It´ll be good though, I'm really looking forward to serving there for my last two transfers.

So on Monday we had a good day, we went to Huamantla, and visited a few members in the evening. On Tuesday we had our weekly planning session, and we visited Edgar and Vicky. Also a youth from the ward named Alan accompanied us who got his mission call to! We´re pumped for him! We also did divisions with Alan and his brother David who's an ex-missionary. On Wednesday we had our district meeting, ate with the Lopez Ponce family (awesome senior couple), visited Melissa (the deaf recient convert) and we had an activity in the evening for recient converts. It was a good night.

On Thursday we visited a fair amount of people, Friday as well. Pretty uneventful days. We did see a dead dog though. On Saturday we also visited a lot of people as well as Carmen. Sunday we has stake conference. It was great, President and sister nelson spoke, also a councilor from the temple, and President Reyes. We were a little upset because no investigator or recient convert showed up after they said they would. Oh well. Así es la vida. We also ate with the Landeros family who very graciously offered us food because our lunch appointment fell though.

Final days together
All in all it was a good week. I´m sad to say goodbye to the area but also happy to be able to go to Tetela. It will be a one of a kind experience. I´m also sad to say goodbye to Elder Cornejo, we've enjoyed working together here. Well, everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

Last week's conference with Elder Oaks

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