Monday, March 7, 2016

The land of many hills

Hey Everyone. I hope that everyone is doing well. I've had a good week that has been full of many things. I´m in Tetela de Ocampo right now. It´s a really pretty place. We´re in the middle of the mountains, pretty far away from everything. My new companion is Elder Arce, from Carretero, MX. He has about 4 or 5 months in the mission as is a great missionary.

Tetela de Ocampo - The missionaries live near this large Catholic Church
So on Monday we had a good evening. We went to visit Carmen and Angel. It was a good lesson, but it´s always hard to say goodbye. On Tuesday we had the actual changes. Elder Arce and Elder Arriagada arrived at Apizaco abound 11 so that I could go to Tetela with Elder Arce. They had come to Apizaco with some members from Zacatlán, Hno. Jorge and Hna. Ambar. That was great to see them. So from there we took the bus to Tetela from Apizaco which takes about 2 and a half hours to arrive. It´s a very scenic route through the mountains to get to a town in the middle of the mountains. So here we are in a branch of the church that consists of about two active families and a few individuals. Elder Arriagada had actually been the branch president here, however thankfully nor my companion or I are branch president haha.

So on Wednesday in the morning we received a call from Elder Arriagada who was going home that day that he had left his hard drive that had all of his pictures in the church here. He asked if we could go to Puebla to give that to him before he left to go to the airport. So we went to Pueba. We made really good time and the trip took 3.5 hours. We also saw President Nelson and he told us about his plan for Tetela. He told us that he wasn´t going to put another missionary as Branch president. For the time being he's going to put one of the fathers of the families that has already been branch president, and our job is to find and baptize new leaders. Also when we said goodbye he told us he would see us and the branch presidency on Sunday. We asked him which branch presidency? Then he said, the branch presidency you're going to find. Haha, we were kind of a little stunned. So that´s what we've been working on, is finding potential priesthood with their families.

On Thursday we had a good day. We found 5 new investigators, taught an English class, and did a lot of contact. On Friday we also had a good day, we taught a few people, and a few members. President also assigned us to invite all of the Elders of the branch that are less active to church so that he could interview them so we tracked down a few less active members. On Saturday we visited a few other Elders, and met a new family that one of the member families (the Ojeda family) brought us to. That was a good lesson, the only thing is that they live far away and can only meet with us in the evening. There also is no public transport at that hour, so that member family has to take us there if we are to teach them. The good thing is that they are willing to do that.

Sunday was interesting. We didn't get any investigators to come, and in total we were 19 people in Sacrament meeting. Also President Nelson was there to preside. After the services we had branch council and President explained the situation to the branch members. The members are really good here, they are few but are quality members. Yup. Today we´ve just done normal things. We didn´t play sports because we´re an hour and a half away from the nearest elders. We did play ping pong in our house. Oh, by the way, our house is the best house in the mission! We had a clothes dryer! It´s the best thing ever! I´m pretty happy out here and glad to have the opportunity to work hard out here. My companion is great, the area has potencial and I really enjoy the town and where we live (which is right behind the huge catholic church haha). Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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