Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Week in Mexico

Hello everyone. 

I´m writing with the worst keyboard I've ever used so please excuse any errors, but things are well here. 

I´m told that it is getting pretty cold over there in Utah, and in the US in general. Things are still great here, in the 70s almost every day. Its kind of funny, it gets a little colder in the mornings, like in the 60s, maybe 50s and people here have coats and complain about how cold it gets. Maybe next year I´ll sympathize with them a little more if I become acclimated to the weather.

It was honestly a really normal week. We had lessons with a lot of less actives and a few with investigators. We might have a baptism this week if our investigator got married over the weekend. We´re going to find out if she did tomorrow so we are hoping for that. We also had interviews with the president which was really good. Whenever we have something with the President it is always great! Also Hermana Christensen always brings Costco muffins to the interviews! Don´t eat those a lot down here. I also saw Elder Pluma at the interviews which was fun too. Definitely miss that guy but he´s having a good time in his new area, he likes it a lot over there even though its pretty far away.

So this week we find out who has changes, and who is going to train. The President sent us an email saying that 19 new missionaries are coming for this change and that he is going to have to close a lot of areas to have areas in order to train the new missionaries. The Zone Leaders tell me that they think that at least one area in the zone is going to be closed and that at least one of us is going to train. I think it might be Hna. Ramirez in my district because her companion Hna. Velazco is going home this change. We´ll see. Also I don´t thing that I or Elder Garrido will have changes because he just got here and so did I, but who knows really. President might have to move a lot of people around this change. 

Oh, its also Elder Garrido´s birthday today, his last in the mission and he turned 21. Hermana Velazco also had a birthday on Saturday too. We ate cake and played futbol all morning today. It was pretty fun. So today in Mexico its some holiday or something so all the members came and played futbol. It was fun, also the two american Hermanas, Dapper and Jensen came and played too. Oh yeah, they changed a rule here too. For the past 6 months there has been a rule for all of Mexico that only 4 missionaries can gather together at any given time except for zone conferences and other official meetings, but the President asked the area 70 and changed the rule since this is the safest mission in Mexico. So now we can have district and zone activities. So we´ll be having more of those in the future I imagine.

Yup, pretty normal week, not a ton happened. 
Disfruten su frio! [Translation "enjoy your cold!]

-Elder Hartvigsen

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