Monday, November 3, 2014

Mas cambios

Buenas tardes a todos. Or good night or morning depending on when you read it. 

This week was pretty good, we're slowly improving in our area and so are the other companionships in our district. We are still working with a lot of less actives and really only have 3 or 4 investigators that we regularly teach. We have more but it seems like a few of them have dropped off the face of the earth or are never around or don´t have time when we drop by. That's been pretty rough but we do have one new investigator and we are working hard to find other ones.

Things have been good as a District Leader too. I taught another District meeting this time about asking for references with members. The meeting went well, they really aren´t too hard to put together because it really is just kind of a discussion and a practice. I have actually learned a ton when I have been preparing these meetings and a ton from the people in my district during the meetings. I always see something new, usually during the practices and its great! Its also cool to see that perspective of other areas and talk with the missionaries about how they are doing and the work is going in their areas. It was also pretty humbling when a missionary that has about 17 months asked me for advice on something.
Local street art

We had more lessons that last week too which was good. We also set a date with one of our investigators which is awesome! I might have mentioned her before, but she is going to be baptized by her son who right now is a missionary serving in Argentina. We are thinking that he can baptize her before he is released as a missionary so that his last baptism as a full-time missionary will be his mother. We are pretty excited for it. We also had a few rough lessons with some less active members who are pretty tough. We are
working really hard to get them to come back to church and start participating, one of them is even the Elders Quorum President. That is a tough situation, he works with the military and he really doesn't choose his schedule and if he doesn't show up he would be thrown in jail or whatever the army has. And when he does have time, he says that his wife tells him it is either her or the church. So we are working pretty hard with this family, they have some kids that also like to attend, but say they don´t like to go alone. So we are going to be pretty direct with them next lesson.

Oh, that's another thing. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but in our area there is a military base and a lot of soldiers. There is a fair amount of people that work with the military in this ward. So we always see trucks driving around with soldiers with their guns and machine guns mounted on the roofs. Its pretty interesting.

So today has been a little weird as well. This morning we were playing fútbol and we received a call from one of the assistants. We have emergency changes and Elder Pluma is leaving me and going to another area in our zone that is about an hour or an hour and a half away. I am receiving another companion and we will have the change tomorrow. We´ve been pretty sad today because we really get along well and have been working very well together. It will be alright though. I look forward to getting this new elder and working hard with him. We definitely have a lot of work to do in this area. So yeah, really sad to see Elder Pluma go, but excited for new opportunities and experiences.

Goodbye  Elder Pluma
Yup, that was my week. Really hard to believe that it is already November! It is definitely getting colder here, at least in the mornings. But it shouldn´t get that cold. Have fun in Utah with all that snow and inversion! Vayan bien!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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