Monday, November 24, 2014

End of the Third Change (Holidays here we come)

Hello once again everyone. So today is technically the first day of my fourth cambio which is pretty crazy. It doesn't feel like I've been here in Mexico that long but its been about 4 months. Times goes by pretty fast.

So we had a good week. We had the baptism of Hna. Emma which was awesome. So her son, Kevin, who was serving a mission in Argentina, Buenos Aires Norte and he came home Saturday morning. That evening just after he was released by the Stake President as a missionary he baptized his mother. It was a really spiritual service, and it was so great to see her make that covenant with God. It was about time too, she had been having visits from the missionaries for over a year, and had been attending church for that time too. I think she was just waiting for her son.

New returned missionary able to baptize his mother
With baptisms there is also always something that seems to go wrong. We went to the church that morning to check the font, and clean it and when we got there, there was about a foot of dirty water in the font. So we then checked to see if there was water (because sometimes there isn't) and some more dirty water left the tap. I guess a while ago the sewers backed up or something. Anyway, we couldn't drain it because the water tank outside that holds the water is placed to high so the water wouldn't drain (bad engineering). So we had to empty the font with buckets, mop out all the bad water, wipe everything down with bleach then fill it back up. Literally all we did Saturday was prepare for the service, have the service and have the homecoming of Kevin. It was a good day.

Other then that it was a pretty normal week. Oh, we did have another Zone Meeting with our zone and the other zone Fuertes (our stake). It was a good spiritual meeting. It was good to see everyone in both zones and we had some good instruction. Oh, we also found out about changes this week and no one in the district has changes except for Hna. Velazco who is finishing her mission this transfer. So we will have one new hermana in the district and that is the only change.

Yup, that was our week. It was a pretty good one. Well, everyone enjoy your Thanksgivings and turkey bowls. We aren't going to do anything, I actually thought Thanksgiving was last week until I read the emails. Bye!
-Elder Hartvigsen

El Popo smoking!

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