Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A week of meetings and sickness:D

Hey all. Hope that you are all well. This week we had a lot of meetings and my companion was pretty sick at the end of the week. The worst thing in the mission is when you or your companion is sick. You just have to sit in the house. I've been learning patience haha. 

Early in the week was good. On Tuesday we had a meeting with the stake president and mission president, Pres. Nelson. It was a good meeting. Interesting to get to know new stake leadership. The stake president it a good guy. The stake has a really high vision for missionary work which is great! We´re excited to work with them. In the evening we had divisions with some members and had some appointments with was great. We had an appointment with an investiagator named Teresa who is solid! She is always there for our appointments, we always find her reading her Book of Mormon, and she always goes to church (even when we don´t go). She also had two kids that are super funny. They always make fun of my companion's accent. On Wednesday we had interviews with Pres. Nelson which was good. It is good to be able to get to know him and his wife better. In the afternoon we had interchanges with one of our District Leaders, Elder Puente and his companion Elder Sarver. I went with Elder Puente to his area in San Martin Texmalucan. It was a good day. We taught a lot and felt the spirit strongly in a few lessons. Elder Puente is a great Elder.

Time marches on - 1 year in Mexico
On Thursday we had to go to Puebla to renew my Visa. Its such a pain to go to the offices when you're so far away. It was also really interesting to see all of my generation there in the offices. I can´t believe that it has been almost a year ago when we arrived here in Mexico. It's crazy, I can´t wrap my head around it. After that we came back to area but Elder Breceda got really sick on the ride home so he stayed in the house that night. We did divisions with some members so that I could leave and go to a couple of appointments though.

Friday we gave a training to the zone on how to do the monthly forms that we fill out for the progress of our wards and investigators. That was alright. Not the funnest thing to do, but it was necesary haha. In the afternoon we had a few lessons with a recent convert and a few new investigators that we found. The recent convert works making tortillas and they are super good. A good tortilla with salt really hits the spot! The new investigators, Olita and Katia are really solid as well. They were skeptical at first but later they started to become interested. Cool lesson.

Saturday and Sunday my comp got pretty sick. We didn't leave accept for Sunday in the afternoon when Elder Philippe and Elder Neuwirth came by to help us go to a few appointments. Out of the four sundays that I have been here, I´ve only gone to church 1 time. Someone should probably visit us so we don´t go inactive haha. Well, I hope that you all have a good week, and enjoy Pioneer day!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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