Monday, July 6, 2015

Mexican 4th of July

Greetings from Mexico, I hope that you all enjoyed your 4th of July´s. I had an alright one in the Hospital haha. It wasn't me that got sick though so that was good, but I´ll get to that.

It started off as a good normal week. We had a good lesson on Monday night with an investigador that has a really good spirit about him. He seems to really have made changes in his life, the only thing is that he doesn't feel ready to be baptized and says we wants to read all of the Bible before he gets baptized haha. Tuesday was a great day! We had a good number of good lessons with investigators and members. It was a really productive day.

On Wednesday we didn't have as much as a productive day because we had to do the monthly forms. We also had to do divisions with one of our District leaders because his companion was sick and the District leader had to do his forms as well. So we were running around doing that all day Wednesday. 

The new area. Great to be out of the big city.
Thursday was a really interesting day. We did our weekly planning which was great as always. And in the afternoon after la comida, we went to a zone conference to meet our new mission President, President Nelson. It was very strange. It made it real that Pres. Christensen had already left. President Nelson is a good guy. He´s from California, a foot doctor, has 4 children, and a few grandchildren. They arrived in Puebla on Wednesday in the afternoon because their flight out of Houston was delayed, so they flew into Mexico City and stayed there for the night on Tuesday. They didn't have the chance to see the Christensens because they arrived late. They also said that before they arrived they were with one of their daughters as she was giving birth to one of their Grandchildren. They said that it had been predicted that there were going to be some very serious complications with the birth, and they were very worried about that as parents that were about to go live in Mexico for 3 years. However they told us that there weren't any complications and the mother and child had both gone to their home. It was good to get to know them.

On Friday we had the leadership council with President Nelson which was also pretty strange without President Christensen. It was interesting to be able to interact more with President Nelson. We talked a lot about how we can work with members and help them get involved in missionary work. It was as organized as previous councils but that´s to be expected from a new mission president haha. I also got to talk to him when we were eating and he and his wife told us about how  the process is to be selected as a mission president. Its pretty interesting.

OK, so Friday night and Saturday morning my companion was having some pretty bad abdominal pain, and hadn't been feeling great for the whole week. On Saturday morning we called the mission doctor and she told him to go to the hospital to get checked out. So we went to Puebla (1.5 hrs. from our area) and we stayed there until today. So my companion has had a history of stomach illness, so they gave him some medicine and watched him. He´s doing a lot better now, they gave him some prescriptions and told him to watch what he eats. But it is so boring to be in a hospital for 2 days straight. I was also super bummed out that we didn't go to church. I still haven´t gone to church here! But this week I´m sure we´ll go. It was nice to get some sleep though.

Yup, so here we are. We just got back to our area about an hour ago, so we have to do our wash and clean still. Oh well, I´m glad that they let us leave today. I´m looking forward to a week of working well here. Everyone have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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