Monday, July 27, 2015

Mole y Fiestas

Hello everyone. I send you a cordial ´hola´ from Mexico. This week has been pretty interesting. I don´t have much time either so I´m not going to send pictures and this might be a shorter email :(.

On Tuesday, we had a pretty good day, we had lessons with 2 investigators that have baptismal dates, Ivette and Teresa. They are both really solid. So Ivette is an investigator that is 19 years old and was actually going to be baptized a while ago but didn't do it because her parents were against it. We contacted her because she started coming to church again and she says that she wants to be baptized. Now, when we met with her, her testimony seemed very strong and she put her own goal to be baptized. The only thing that worries us is that we haven´t been able to find her for a few days and she didn't go to church. We´re hoping to run into her today or tomorrow. Teresa is doing great though.

Traditional Mole Sauce
So in the week it was pretty normal. We went to the district meeting of Elder Philippe which was good. Elder Philippe is crazy, but funny. On Friday we had interchanges with two Elders in our zone, Elder Whiting and Elder Villa. I was here in the area with Elder Whiting, and it went very well. We had some really good lessons and ran into a lot of people. We also taught Jazmine, who is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks. She is also doing very well! 

So the really big thing that happened this week was that the town party of Nopalucan started on Saturday and Sunday. Well on Saturday it was mostly preparations, but on Sunday it was crazy. Seriously, it was nuts yesterday and still a little bit today. The streets were full of cars and people yesterday, and literally everyone in the town made and is making mole. If you don´t know, Mole is a food that is tradicional to Puebla and Tlaxcala, and its like a salsa with tons of condiments and chocolate that is put on meat. All of the members and investigators invited us to drop by. We ate so much mole yesterday it was ridiculous. Its just nuts, literally in every house there are just chairs and tables set up and everyone is serving Mole. On Saturday we also helped our investigator Teresa prepare a little bit. We went with her to help kill and dress the chicken. It was quite the experience, and I can no longer say that I've never killed a chicken haha.

Anyways, it was a interesting week, and we are going to be eating mole for probably all of this week. We´re hoping that we don´t get sick haha. Everybody enjoy the end of July!

- Elder Hartvigsen

Elder Hartvigsen's mom and sister meet his returning Mission President,
President and Hermana Christensen, prior to their Sacrament Meeting report in Utah.

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