Monday, November 2, 2015

Philippians 4:4

Hello everyone. We are doing very well here in Zacatlán. Time continues to go by very fast. When you can work and also joke around a lot with your comp, time goes by almost too fast. We had a good week. Technically it was the first week of the transfer, but because training is 12 weeks the transfers didn't affect us. The next transfers will likely affect us.
Some good exercise and service 
So on Tuesday we had a good day. We did some service for an older sister cutting fire wood. She lives pretty far away, like 30 minutes in combi from our house. She has a pretty cool ranch. It was fun cutting wood. Also interesting to see the way that they cut wood it a little different. Instead of cutting it from the top down, you kind of cut it on the side. It was fun, but I was a little sore after. However I felt like a Mexican lumberjack for a few hours haha. 
A floating caterpillar 
On Wednesday we had interchanges and I was with Elder Pantoja in the other area. It was a good day. The other area has a lot more "city" than our area. It was cool to get to know it and get to know some of their investigators. Wednesday went well as well. We had to do the family home evening of the branch again. The branch president had to stay late in his work so he called us minutes before it started and asked if we could do it. It went well though, the members are fun here. Friday we found some great new investigators that my companion contacted in the street. Their names are Pablo and Karina and they are a young comple with two little kids and the best part is that they´re married! I was so suprised when I asked them that. Its also kind of funny, because they´ve only been in Zacatlán for like 2 or 3 months and before they lived in Tlaxcala in my last area. They also went to church after only having one lesson. They´re the bomb.

Dia de los muertos 
Saturday was weird. It was Halloween and we didn't have much of anything. We just taught some members and less actives that day. In the nights after about 7 pm there wasn't anybody in the street. The other Elders told us that the center was packed and that´s where everyone went. Sunday was great! We had 3 investigators with their kids that went to church! It was also a good fast and testimony meeting. On Saturday the branch went to the temple (we couldn't go), and many of the testimonies were pretty powerful. I miss the temple so much. But the services were good. I had the opportunity to teach the Sunday school class and it was cool as well. The streets were also empty too, because it was the Day of the Dead. It´s kind of strange how the custom is. So what they do is make like an altar with a picture of the person that´s dead, and put their favorite food and vices on the table with candles. In the center there were a lot of really big altars and I saw some in some houses of investigators. Interesting however.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week! Can you believe that it´s already November? Bye!

-Elder Hartvigsen

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say, Rejoice.

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