Monday, November 16, 2015

The Corn Boys

Hello everyone, the weather is crazy here. It´s like Utah, one day it gets hot, the other it gets really cold and rains hard. Everyone says it gets really cold here, but we´re still waiting until it really gets cold. Maybe more in December. Who knows.

We've had a pretty fair week. Nothing too out of the normal. Last Monday we had a cool family home evening with Pablo and Karina and our Branch President. We talked about the plan of salvation, baptisms for the dead really caught their attention. Tuesday we had a day with a lot of lessons! It was great. We visited a less active guy that is coming back to church that´s named Froylan who is super cool. He reminds me of a Pirate with his gruff voice. We visited Xicotencalt and had a good lesson. The relief society president accompanied us and shared a really powerful testimony. We also found two new investigators, Jorge and his kid Angelo. Wednesday we visited some investigators and Pablo and Karen again and also had a zone meeting in Apizaco which is about 2 hours away in transport. It´s always a little weird leaving Zacalán because they usually put a movie on in the bus. Sometimes they'll put on some really sketchy or weird movies too. 

The "Corn Boys"

Thursday we did service (or however you say it in English, in Spanish it´s prestamos servicio) with a member of the branch that has a field of corn. We worked from 8 until 2 pm. It was actually really cool. We opened the husks and collected the corn in costales (sacks). It was actually pretty fun, and we ate tamales after. I was pretty sore the next day though. Missionaries walk a lot but don´t work too often doing farm work. Friday was another cool day. We taught Pablo and Karen about the word of wisdom since Pablo smokes. He was kind of on edge in the lesson, and we think it´s because he read the pamphlet we left him and stopped smoking and was thinking about how hard it was going to be. He smokes a fair amount and more right now that he doesn't have a good job. Hna. Lucia also was with us (relief society pres.) and also shared a great experience with them and then my comp gave Pablo a powerful priesthood blessing. It was a very spiritual moment.

Saturday we had Mutual with the young men and women and my comp was in charge this time. We ate hot dogs and played family feud with scripture questions. It was really cool and the hot dogs were really tasty. Sunday was good. We had Pablo and Karina and another investigator named Alejandro in church. The services were good, and I´m playing the piano to help the primary kids practice for their program next week. I wish I would have practiced more. Some of those primary songs are tough. Well, everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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