Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold (Relatively)

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a good week. We did well here in Xicotencatl, ending the transfer. Strange that another transfer has already passed by. Time goes by way too fast. I've also said that many times. Cool. 

Staying together
So on Monday we had a good evening. We dropped an investigator that didn't want to change for her family, and we visited Noemi and Steve. On Tuesday it also went well, we found a new investigator who was really interested. However the next day when we went to look for him he wasn't there because he had gotten a job in Puebla. Oh well. Wednesday we had a zone meeting in Tlaxcala. It was very cold that day. This whole week it got pretty cold, I know it´s not Utah cold but from what I've been used to here it was really chilly and rainy. It also doesn´t help that there is no heating in any houses. The zone meeting was pretty normal but spiritual, and the President showed up at the end to give us the flu shot and give us an announcement. So the missionary department made a change to some rules and changes meetings are no longer allowed. So in the mission when we have changes [transfers] they will advise us to which area we are going to and on Monday we´ll have to go directly there. It's a little sad but also a good thing as well. We'll lose less time in changing areas and be able to be more focused on the work.

On Thursday we helped a less active member move down the street. I was very grateful that almost everything was packed up when we got there. It
's the worst to have to help pack as well haha. After that we ate, went home and did weekly planning. Went to two appointments, one with Genoveva and one with Melissa (the deaf recient convert). Friday we had a normal day, powled around our area and visited some people. We also found a new investigator that lived in Michigan. The same thing happened with him, he found work and we haven't been able to find him haha. On Saturday we visited some recient converts, Fernanda and Juana who are really powerful! We also visited Guadalupe with Hno. Serrano and had a really powerful lesson with her about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also taught a less active and his family who own a bar. His family is pretty receptive but he's pretty closed.

Sunday was alright, not as good as last Sunday. We only had Noemi, Steve, Carmen and Angel in sacrament meeting. Genoveva, her kids and Guadelupe didn
't show up. It was sad, but we'll get them to church this week! Yup, so tomorrow there are changes. Elder Carreon, from our ward is going to Amalucan and Elder Lopez our district leader is going to Aquiles Serdan to be a zone leader! We're excited to be working this change. Oh, today we also made a typical food from El Salvador with a family and I saw Hno. Checa Lara who was my first mission leader in the mission. It was great to be able to talk to him. Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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