Monday, January 25, 2016

In the water

Hey all, I hope you're doing well. We're doing well and we had another good week. It's strange to think that we are starting another transfer. Time goes by very quickly. Yup. I feel like that's a pretty cliche start to one of my emails haha. 

So on Monday we had a normal day. We played soccer and basketball, cleaned the house and in the evening taught a new guy named Luis and also Steve and Noemi. Luis is cool, he sells tamales and lives in the rural part of our area. On Tuesday we had a busy day. In the morning we taught Genoveva and then went to the other Elder´s area to eat. Oh, I'm not sure if I mentioned it last week, but Elder Carreon had changes and now Elder Sarver is here with Elder Cifuentes in Xicotencatl with us. In the afternoon we were running around San. Bartolome and then we went to Tetla in the evening. We had a good lesson with Carmen and her family and we also contacted a few references that are awesome. The only thing is that the guy is a truck driver and is never home :(.

On Wednesday we went to Tlaxcala and had a transmission [broadcast] from Salt Lake about missionary work. Apostles and Seventies talked about the 8 Fundamentals of Preach my Gospel. It was a really good transmission and I learned a bunch. They didn't make any big changes however. That evening we did splits and my companion went to teach a less active guy named Ethan and we taught Noemi and Steve and repassed the baptismal interview questions with Noemi. Thursday we did weekly planning, ate really far away in Tetla and taught some lessons. Noemi had her baptismal interview and passed as well! Also when we were in the chapel for her interview some students came in and asked if they could interview us in English for their University. It was kind of strange to talk in English to them haha.

Friday was normal. We did splits again in the evening, and a guy named Ricardo accompanied me to visit Jesus and Geraldine who are recient converts. I found out that Ricardo trained 5 times on his mission. That's crazy. Saturday was a good day. We taught a bunch of lessons in the morning and in the afternoon Noemi was baptized! It was a great service and Steve was able to baptize her. We also got the Bishop to come which was good, because he's always in his taqueria haha. We also went and visited Edgar and Vicky, some investigators that we hadn't seen in forever. Edgar also told me he's thinking about going to Salt Lake. Kind of a weird conversation. On Sunday we had a fair amount of investigators in the church. We had Carmen, Guadelupe, Angel, Edgar and Vicky. Oh also Cristina was there. Geneveva and her kids didn't go. We´re going to see if we can find her but she kind of got disappointed after we taught her about the law of chastity and that she would have to get married.

Yup, it was another good week. This next one should be pretty normal. Also we heard that in a few weeks an apostle is going to come to Puebla! It´ll be awesome! They haven´t told us who it will be yet. Maybe one of the new ones. Who knows. I´m rooting for Elder Holland! Anyways, have a great week everyone!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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