Monday, January 4, 2016

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year everyone! As every year, it is hard to believe that another one has gone by. Now we have to pick up the habit of writing 2016 haha. That´s always hard. We had a good week. Not jammed packed but we got by. It´s kind of hard to work around the holidays because everyone is out of town, many of the people that were here weren't from here, and everyone was in a rush. We did find some work though.

Great way to begin 2016
On Monday we had a lesson with Balsaltar, a new investigator that we had found and also found 3 new people. A mom and her two kids. They are really open and the mother really loves when we visit her especially when her kids are there. We actually found her when we went with a member to give Christmas gifts to her neighbors. That was a cool experience. Tuesday was a good day. I turned 21 which was pretty weird. I can now buy alcohol in the US and own a pistol. What power I now possess haha. We had a pretty low key day, Jesus, one of our investigators had his baptismal interview which he passed. The other Elders had a baptism and an Elder that is now in Zacatlán actually came to preform the ordinance, which almost never happens. I´m not sure if he asked permission, but I also saw Elder Pantoja which was awesome. That stayed in our house that night because Zacatlán is far away. On Wednesday we had a fair amount of appointments and also did splits for the first time with my companion. He did great. We also dropped Baltasar that day because he couldn't accept the Book of Mormon.

On Thursday it was New Years Eve and we only had lessons with members that day. We ate dinner with the Salado family and the food was awesome. That night is was hard to sleep for all of the fireworks and music. It was pretty crazy in our street. It´s funny because we live right next to two liquor stores. There were a lot of drunk people around. On the first of January, we taught a few lessons, one with Jesus the day before his baptism, and we also found Carmen and her family who had gotten back from their trip. On Saturday we had the baptism of Jesus which was great. We honestly did all the preparation for it in the morning because the mission leader didn't help us out. The service was really good. My companion was able to do the baptism and it was very spiritual. On Sunday we went to church, had a few investigators there. Jesus was confirmed. In the evening we also visited Carmen and Guadalupe again. They´re really solid investigators. They have a date for the 6th of February.

Also today we had a fun zone activity. We played a volleyball with water balloons and towels. Two people were on both sides of the towel and you had to toss the balloon back and forth. The only thing is that they didn´t tell us to bring an extra change of clothes and today has been a little raining in the afternoon haha. Well, everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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