Monday, April 11, 2016

El fin se acerca (The end is near)

Hey everyone whats up? We´re doing well here in Tetela. It´s pretty hot out right now, and I got kind of burnt today haha. We had a good week though, also today is the first day of my last change. It´s crazy to think that I'm almost at the end. It's a bitter-sweet feeling, I really like being a missionary but it'll also be great to be home. Also a shout out for my sister Kathryn who got her mission call to the Ohio Cincinnati mission! She'll be a great missionary!

Monday in the evening we had a good night. We were able to find a few new investigators and visit the Cruz family. It is also awesome right now because we had the time change so it doesn't get dark until 8 which is awesome to be working with more light. On Tuesday we also had a bunch of lessons, gave an English class (my companion is a better English teacher than I am) and ate a bunch of bread. Wednesday was the district meeting which means 3 hours of combi rides and we had a ton of appointments that fell through. It was one of those days where we had a really busy day scheduled and almost everything fell through. Thursday was weekly planning, and as far as I can remember we had a normal day, taught a few lessons and things.

Friday was another normal day, we did have a pretty intense lesson with one of our investigators Joaquin. When we got there he was kind of trying to drop us, saying that he didn't have a ton of time to listen to us for his two newborns, and he didn't really want to change religions anyway. At the end we got him to ask in the prayer if what we were teaching him was true, and after the prayer he just knelt there with his eyes closed for about 7 minutes straight. He said he felt a really peaceful feeling. Cool lesson. On Saturday we found a great investigator that felt the spirit strongly when we taught her the plan of salvation and told us "This is so clear that I can understand it. I would never hear this in my church." She accepted a baptismal date and said she was going to go to church!

Sunday was rough. This last week we worked super hard to commit everyone to go to church and help them all understand the blessing of going, and the consequences of not going, but no-one showed up. It was a pretty big bummer, we were sure at least someone was going to show. Next week. Today we went to a waterfall near a town called Aquixtla and it was super pretty. A member named Alejandro took us and it was awesome! It made me want to go camping haha. Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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