Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Faulty Internet

Hey everyone! How´re you all doing? I know what you´re thinking, and I also know that today is Tuesday. I also know that P-day ends Monday haha. No, but yesterday there wasn't internet in Tetela, so we asked for permission from president to email today, and that is the reason that I´m writing today on Tuesday.

Friends at Final Zone Conference
So we had a good week. On Monday after we went to the caves we taught a few lessons to some new people. We had an interesting lesson with a woman that we found that was super interested in the church, but stopped investigating because her husband's family told her that she couldn't listen :(. On Tuesday we had intercambios with Elder Prieto and I was with Elder Page in Chignahuapan. We had a great day, even though it rained super hard. There was also a ton of lightning that was striking super close. When one of the bolts fell some electricity jumped from the umbrella I was holding, kind of scary haha. After that I put the umbrella down and we just got soaked haha. We also taught a ton of lessons, In Chignahauapan they have a bunch of great investigators that are progressing.

Rainy days
On Wednesday we met up in Chignahuapan and then went back to Tetela, had a few lessons in the afternoon and in the evening we went to Apizaco to be able to go to a zone conference the next day in Tlaxcala in the morning. It was also dumping in Apizaco haha. We stayed in the zone leaders house but while we were waiting for them to come to the church to pick us up there was a ward activity of Xicotencatl where I was before. I was able to see Noemi and Steve among other members there. It was awesome! Steve gave me the biggest hug! It was awesome to see them!

On Thursday we had a zone conference, which was the last one I´ll have. Kind of crazy. It was great, I learned a lot and the spirit was there very strongly. President talked about working with the members and miracles. It was also great to see many familiar faces. I saw Elder Dominguez who's a ZL in Tlaxcala, Elder Pantoja who's a DL in Zacatelco. Elder Estrada was also there. It was awesome, and also strange because it was the last time I´ll see many of the those people. On Friday we had weekly planning and a ton of lessons in the afternoon. On Saturday we also taught many lessons. We went to a town called San Nicolas with Pres. Tolentino and taught the husband of a member. It was alright lesson, the guy was kind of stiff. Sunday was normal. We still couldn't get people to church but we got even closer this time! One investigator was on route until her boss saw her and held her up. Next week! And Monday was plain, we just hung out around here and I started to do some of the plans for when I go home that the missions asks for. That was pretty weird. Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

Mission Picture from Elder Oaks visit in February

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