Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another Week Gone

Saludos de Mexico, we had an alright week. Not the best but not the worst. I can`t believe that it`s already June, it just blows my mind to think about it. 
The Zone Leaders
In church we found out that an apostle died but someone just mentioned it in the sacrament meeting prayer so we were guessing all throughout sacrament. In the class the ward mission leader sat next to me and we read the article on LDS.org on his iPad haha. [About the death of Elder L. Tom Perry]

So this week we had some more lessons with our new investigators, but a lot of them either fell through or were canceled. We were hoping for more but it`s alright. Tuesday was a day where almost everything fell through so we were in the street for a long time. On Wednesday we had exchanges with one of District Leaders Elder Jarmon and his companion Elder Pineda, I went to Elder Jarmon's area and its a really sweet area. It`s like a hybrid of city with some areas with fields. They also have a lot of work right now which is great. They've been working over there really hard! It was a really good interchange where I learned a lot. On Thursday we had a few lessons with our investigators, one with Hipolito who's a really funny guy.

Friday we found a few new investigators with potential and one who had attended church a few times in a town outside of Puebla. On Friday we also went to a baptism that the Hermanas of our ward had with two of their investigators. It was a really great baptismal service. Saturday all of our appointments fell through and we contacted a ton of people in the street. It was a good day. It has also been raining a lot. So we`ll be seeing rain for the next several months almost every day.

Sunday was a good day, we passed for about 10 investigators and we got a new one to come with us! Her name is Angeles and she really liked church. We have an appointment to teach her this Tuesday and we`re going to try and put a baptismal date! But this week we haven`t seen the family that we`ve been teaching at all and they weren`t there for our appointment either so we`re worried about them. Yup, so this week we will be seeing how our investigators are doing, and if they`re going to progress and we will be also working really hard to get them to attend church.

Well, I hope that you all have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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