Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Changes are coming

Good week we had here in Aquiles Serdan. We might not have had a million lessons but we`re seeing some progress which is good. Pretty busy week, we were running around a lot for meetings and exchanges with the assistants. 

So this week we started off on Tuesday with a great day. We found 6 new investigators and had a lot of help from members that day. In the afternoon we finally ran into a family that we had contacted about 3 months ago and had a great lesson where they accepted baptism. Today we are going to try and put a baptismal date to make it real haha. We ran into another contact, and in a lesson with a old catholic investigator we invited her daughter and granddaughter to listen. It was a really great day! As a companionship we been really working on how we teach the first lesson, how we can keep things moving to teach the entire lesson and be able to give our investigators a bigger vision and keep them from getting bored. Sometimes it happens when we teach a new investigators we get hung up talking about God and a thousand little details, but we've seen that it helps to teach the whole thing. 

Wednesday was a day when we were running around all day. We had the district meetings, after that we went to lunch, then to the offices for my companion to take an english test, then we worked for about an hour and a half, then we went to ward council. Not a super productive day in a proselyting sense but it was good. Thursday we had exchanges with the assistants. I went with Elder Hammer to their area, in the ward Alpha. It was a fun day, we ate Domino's pizza in the offices for lunch, went out to teach, went to clean the font for a baptism that they had Saturday, and talked to some people in the street.

Friday the next day we that the leadership council meeting with President Christensen which as always was awesome. We talked about a lot of things, about the state of the mission, how we can help President Nelson when he gets here, how we need to work with the members more to raise the level of the mission and many other things. The food was great as always, and it was kind of strange because it was the last meeting that we will have with Pres. Christensen. He`s such a great president. It will be strange to have this change in two weeks.

Saturday we had some really cool lessons. With Andrea and Renato we had a really cool lesson where they figured out what our message really means. They started off saying they believe the Book of Mormon is true, but that it doesn't necessarily mean that our church is true, but we turned that thought around haha. The spirit was really strong in the lesson, and they were really feeling a receiving a lot of things.

Sunday was stake conference, and we had it in our chapel broadcasted from the stake. Kind of weird to be honest, but it was good. Pres. and Sister Christensen spoke which was awesome. Sister Christensen looked pretty sad that they are about to go home.

Yup, a pretty full week as always but it was a really spiritual one. This is also the last week of the transfer and I think my time is about up here in Aquiles Serdan, so we`re going to work really hard this week to put a lot of baptismal dates. Everyone have a good week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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