Monday, June 8, 2015

La Temporada de Iluvia (The Rainy Season)

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well as always. We had a good week overall, a few really great days, and a few not so great ones but that's fine. 

On Tuesday, we had a really great day. We had 4 lessons with investigators and found 2 new people. We had some interesting lessons as well. Our first lesson was with a new investigator that had attended church last week, and we taught her a part of the restoration and put a baptismal date! The prayer she said at the end of the lesson was really powerful! She asked God to help her make the necessary changes in her life. Cool lesson, but she didn't attend church yesterday because she went to house with her parents for the weekend in a little pueblo. 

Rain every day
Later in the day we had a lesson with Renato and Andrea who are two newer investigators that are really solid but we had a member accompany us and he told them some really strange stories. It was an alright lesson but not really productive. The next day we had a day where everything fell through except our lunch appointment :), so at least we ate haha. But we also ran into a less active who has a really great testimony and stopped attending church because of his divorce. We`re excited to work with him more.

Smoke coming from El Popo
Thursday we had our last Zone Conference with Pres. Christensen and it was great! It was a little different because he talked about things that might apply more after the mission about marriage and things like that. It was different but really good. We`re going to miss him a lot but excited to work with our new President. 

The last Zone Conference - Estaca Libertad
Friday we had another day where everything fell through. Saturday as well, so we talked with a lot of people in the street. On Sunday we had a really great sacrament meeting, all of the ward council shared their testimonies about missionary work and it was powerful. The spirit was really strong in the meeting. We only had one investigator show up be she told us that her husband will marry her! Well, not her husband yet, but one of the problems that we have a lot is getting people to get married. So we`re super excited to get her progressing finally!

Un gatito
Yup, good week and we`re going to be working even harder in this one. Everyone have a good one!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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