Monday, March 14, 2016


Hello everybody. How´re you? I'm doing well. We had an interesting week this week. We found a ton of new people to teach. 22 to be exact. We were working pretty hard haha. A lot of walking.

So Monday was normal. Did normal things in our area. Cleaned the house. Bought food. In the evening we had a good lesson with a family that was a reference from another investigator. Ismael and his wife Patricia. It also suprises me how many people we meet that have lived in the US from Tetela. It seems like half of the men have lived there. On Tuesday we had a slower day. Only 3 lessons but we ate with the Ojeda family. That was cool. So in Tetala to eat everyday the mission gives us an amount of money to eat in a little restaurant. So we eat in a little cocina economica (economic kitchen). It's pretty good, simple but they give us enough food so that we're full which is the important part haha. On Wednesday we had our district meeting which was really good, to go to the meeting we had to go to 
Chinaguapan which is an hour and a half away in combi. We´re in a district of 8 elders, us two, Elder Prieto and Page from Chinaguapan, Elder Law and Cruz in Zacatlan 1, and Elder Rivera and Pastor in Zacatlan 2. It´s a pretty powerful district. The meeting was great, I learned some new things. Also that day I had interchanges with Elder Prieto in Chinaguapan which I really enjoyed. He's a great Elder, he's also from the generation of Elder Dominguez which is cool. We had a good day, but there was a huge wind storm and the electricity went away a few times. The next day when we went to Tetela, there were a few trees that had fallen in the road to the town. Pretty crazy.

Wind damage in the region
So due to that huge wind storm things have been kind of different in Tetela, the electricity has been going on and off, there hasn't been any internet (we´re writing from Chinaguapan right now), and there were even some houses that were damaged. Pretty crazy. Thursday we had weekly planning, and we visited Adolfo and Teresa, two investigators that live pretty far away. The Ojeda family always takes us to them. On Friday we had a super busy day. We found 6 new investigators and visited other people as well. It was pretty sweet. We walked a fair amount. Saturday was interesting. My companion is branch secretary and the auditor from the area came to do an audit on the branch. So we did divisions with the audito (Hermano Leiba, ex stake president from La Libertad, really good guy) and I went with the Ojeda family to visit Alejandro and Teresa and their kids. We had a good lesson and had a little birthday party for one of thier kids. However the electricity went away in the middle of the lesson, but we were outside and so we make a little fire. Adolfo is like a mountain man, he made the fire in like 3 minutes flat.

On Sunday we had good services. President Nelson came to set apart the new branch president, Pres. Tolentino. Adolfo and Teresa also came to church! We were waiting for a ton of other people though :(. My companion and I are also the counselors to the branch president, so it was fun trying to figure out how to do the tithing without internet and figuring out how to use the church global help desk.

All in all we had a great week. It flew by. Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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