Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Revenge of the Cold

Hey everyone. How're you all today? Today has been really cold and it came out of nowhere. There is also a lot of fog today. It's strange because it has been really warm and awesome. Hopefully it'll be gone in a few days. Yup.

So Monday was good in the evening. We came back to Tetela and had a few appointments. We visited Alejandro who is one of the few members here. We also visited a new investigator, Francisco. On Tuesday we had a tougher day. It was one of those days that we had full of appointments but then literally every one falls through. It was rough, but we managed to get a few lessons out of it. We also gave an English class. It´s kind of funny, my companion can teach English better than me haha. It's hard trying to teach something that you just know naturally, I feel like I could teach Spanish way easier.

On Wednesday we had a lot better day. We were able to find a lot more of our investigators that we had lost contact with and had some good lessons. We also ran into Hector, a less active that's been working outside of town. On Thursday we had a zone conference and it was super powerful. We did have to get up super early to go however. Usually we would go to Apizaco and sleep there in another house of Elders to be closer, but we had scheduled appointments Wednesday night so we weren't able to do that. So we got up at 2:45 and left in the 4:00 bus to Apizaco to get to Tlaxcala on time at 9. I was less tired then I thought I was going to be. But the conference was great. President got pretty serious for a bit because some bad things had happened in the mission and some people got sent home but I learned a lot. So basically the whole day was going to, having and coming back from the conference. I realized that day just how far away we are.

On Friday we had a good day. Not a day with a ton of lessons but we felt good with the work we did. We also had a lesson in the night that was kind of heavy with Ismael and Patricia, they said they really just let us visit them out of respect, but aren't really interested. On Saturday we also had a few lessons in the farther away parts of Tetela, in Zoyatitla and the Eden. We also had a family home evening with the Tolentine family which was good. I really enjoy the company of the members here.

Meeting place in Tetela
Sunday we had the services and had a lower attendance then we had had. There were a few people that didn't show up and some others that were sick. We had two investigators there, Francisco and Maria Lourdes. We weren't expecting Francisco, but we were expecting the whole family of Maria, her parents and her brothers and sisters. In all they're like 8. It was good, but were shooting for more!

Yup, and today we went to Zacatlán with the district to play soccer. It was fun, we played in a indoor place where it wasn't so cold. But it was kind of a long trip. Everyone have a great week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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