Tuesday, March 29, 2016

La Semana Santa

Hello everybody. Hope that you all had a good spring break. This last week was also a week of vacations here in mexico. They call it the semana santa (holy week) remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We actually had a good week and were able to work better than we thought we were going to be able to. 

Good Friday procession
On Monday in the evening we had a good night. President Tolentino accompanied us and we were able to visit a few investigators, Samantha and the Cruz family. We had found these people but it was funny because Pres. Tolentino already knew them haha. Everybody knows everybody in this town. On Tuesday we had an average day, a bunch of appointments fell through but we were able to find some new people, and some that lived way up on a hill that were more or less interested haha. On Wednesday we went to the district meeting in Chignahuapan which was good. Long combi rides however. In the afternoon we went to a tiny town called Talican to contact a reference that an investigator had given us. We took one of the taxis that goes there and found him, his name is Gregorio. It was a good lesson, but difficult because the guys pretty old and doesn't´t understand too well. It was really pretty out there though, with a little bit of rain in the mountains.

On Thursday we did weekly planning, and had a really good day. We found an investigator that we had lost contact with and put a baptismal date for the 7th of may with him and in the afternoon we found an awesome family that lives in a solitary place near the cemetery of the solidad which is a town leaving Tetela. The fathers name is Joaquin and his wife is Maria. They have a 11 year old daughter and two new born twins. They´re an awesome little family. Also on Thursday a bunch of tourists came to town, as well as family members of people that live here. From Thursday to Sunday there was a ton of people here for all of the festivities. On Friday, the catholic church did a recreation of basically the crucifixion of Jesus, where they actually had an actor that they whipped and put up on the cross. We saw the procession when we were headed home that night.

On Saturday we had a slower day, there weren't many people in their houses. There was a concert in the town square in the evening, and we live basically right in front of the square, so we got to listen to that all night haha. Sunday was a pretty big bummer, we didn't have any investigators in church and we were expecting about 8. Only 10 members showed up as well. Yup, and today we've just been hanging out here in Tetela doing the normal things of p-day. Everyone have a great week!

Elder Hartvigsen

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